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Create a Good Look With Boots

In today’s fashion conscious and appearance-oriented world, we are all concerned with looking our best at all times. Today, many people equate their sense of style with their personality. This means that when we look bad, generally we feel bad. Feeling bad is something most of us do not want, and so there seems to be only one solution: look your best at all times.

Looking your best does not mean spending hours and hours preening, and thus wasting valuable time, rather it means wearing decent clothes, staying clean, and not being too flamboyant. The majority of people understand this concept quite well, but there is normally one area with which many of us fail, and that is the shoe department. If you are not what we would call in today’s vernacular a ‘fashionista, then you are probably unaware of this universal fashion-truth: the shoes make the outfit. Without the right pair of shoes, even the classiest of outfits can look terrible.

If you do not have much money to buy your wardrobe, then buy cheaper clothes, but never scrimp on shoes. Designer shoes are a must, Cat boots, Nike, D & G, Prada, Timberland, whatever your favourite brand, make sure you purchase a respectable pair. Sure, this may break the bank a little, but for the price you not only buy great shoes, you buy yourself a little confidence and self-esteem – qualities upon which we cannot put a price.

Men and women should both be equally concerned with their appearance. However, with men, there tends to be less information, and men tend not to understand all the fashion rules. There are a few staple items, by way of footwear, that all men should have, and one style of shoe that every man should own are boots. If you are a man looking for a pair of boots and you have little understanding of fashion, and have little interest in finding out, then follow the tried and tested method and opt for a brand that you know is popular, such as Cat boots or Timberland boots. If you cannot decide on the exact style of boots, then ask a shop assistant for advice, if you are shopping online, email the company and ask for advice – most will be more than happy to help. Failing this, simply look at the pictures of the models the websites use to display their range, if you notice a look that you like, try to mimic the outfit.

The Fashionable Working Boots

For those into fashion, working in an office where you are not required to wear a uniform must have been a dream come true. It would allow them to choose clothes and shoes that are still appropriate for the office but would give them the opportunity to show off their fashion flair. However, there are people who work in the field all day long or for the most part of it that would require wearing sensible shoes in order to survive the day without having blisters on their feet.

With a pair of Harley Davidson boots, you would never have to worry if you are sacrificing fashion for the sake of comfort. You could still make a fashion statement even if you are working in a rough environment. This pair of boots is made from high quality materials so it can withstand the harsh elements, ensuring that your feet are protected wherever you go.

A smart man would always wear a pair of Harley Davidson boots. These are the sort of boots that would make a man more confident as he goes about his day. Whether he is working at a ranch or in the mining or logging industry, he knows better than anyone that a good pair of boots is what he needed in order to perform well at his job.

Women these days have found themselves working in jobs that are usually reserved for men – the kind of occupation that involves strength, endurance, and long hours. When working in this kind of environment, one would need to be tough, dedicated, and hardworking. It would also mean that you would be wearing sensible clothes and shoes in order to do your job well. A pair of Harley Davidson boots would mean being able to keep up with the men.

Women can never have too many shoes as every pair of shoes is different.

They know how important shoes are in completing a look that they want to achieve. When they are out to party all night, they have the right kind of shoes that would complement their dress. However, at work, they know that they would have to be sensible about the kind of shoes that they wear especially if they work at the field and on a rugged terrain at that. With Harley Davidson boots, they have nothing to worry about. Wearing these boots would mean being sensible and being fashionable at the same time.

These days, not only women are obsessed with shoes. Men also prefer to have a wide selection of shoes at their disposal. They also know how having great quality is not the only requirement that they would look for in buying footwear. They would also want something that would make them look great. With Harley Davidson boots, they could have both high quality and fashion in footwear. Wearing these boots would give them a sense of style without losing the toughness of being a man.

Fall Fashion Items Every Man

It’s pretty difficult for men not to look good during the cool fall season. A simple white collar showing out from underneath a nice, neutral toned sweater looks clean, polished and professional. Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean the only clothes you need are last year’s warm winter coats and snow boots. It’s just the opposite. New styles and trends on classic fall season basics will almost guarantee you will be dressed to the nines.

It’s easy to see why fall fashion collections are so highly favored by fashion experts. The clothes are rich in color and texture, cool enough for a mild fall afternoon and warm enough for a chilly autumn night. All of the colors are normally neutral, making it easy to mix and match with different styles and colors of your closet. Here are just a few of the hottest fall items you should have in your closet:

  • Pinstriped Pants – This classic look is perfect for formal occasions or times when casual will do such as work. It’s the detailing of pinstriped pants that livens up an otherwise ordinary wardrobe. The best part about pinstripe pants is no matter what type of shirt you wear, they all match. For example, navy goes with gray pinstripes, gray with brown pinstripes, or black with any color of pinstripe. They all look great.
  • Striped Shirts – As I walking through the mall the other night I noticed something. It seems like nearly every major fashion designer has some sort striped shirt or another. This means that they are the new hot trend for this season and why you need to get one. Striped shirts can be worn with jeans, with a suit and under a sweater. The fall fashion season is about layering with using bold and thick stripes to thin ones.
  • Sports Jacket – A nice sports jacket is definitely one the hottest items on the racks this season and one look at the styles available show why. There are jackets with patch pockets and elbow patches, ones with big lapels and double-sided vents, and they are show how the retro look is making a come back. Choose a nice wool or wool and cashmere combination with three or two buttons when shopping around for a new jacket. Try to stay away from bold colors and stick with neutral tones easily worn with jeans or dressier pants.
  • Flat-Front Twill Pants – Next time you go shopping, you need to buy yourself a pair of twill flat-front pants, trust me. They look great and go with just about anything and everything. One more plus about these pants is that they are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. What makes this twill pants so great is they look good for a night out on the town or for a busy day of meetings at the office.
  • Jeans – Over the last few years, jeans haven become more and more of a staple of the fashionable man’s wardrobe. In terms of color, jeans are available in everything from dark to light washes, but of all them the washed-out, worn-in look is the one that looks the best. They come in so many different styles that there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t own a pair that shows off your best assets. The best part about a really good pair of jeans is they can be worn with anything from dress shirts, button-downs, or t-shirts.

Choice In Ladies Boots

Have you noticed the growth in the design and selection of ladies boots? Once upon a time ladies boots were tucked away at the back of the shoe shop and sales were minuscule. At this time of year with days and nights of freezing weather the display seems to have reversed and now the front shop windows are full of boots. Sales have rocketed over just a short number of years and look to continue to do so.

The choices are far greater now than they have ever been with ankle boots, wedge boots, clog boots, vintage leather ankle boots, fur lined, and so on and so on. It doesn’t matter what shoe size you are; they are available in every ladies shoes size. No woman should be without a pair or more of boots in her wardrobe. Boots look really funky and sexy at the same time. They can be worn with pretty well anything and look good.

In some ways it could be argued that modern day boots with all their slightly different variations and individual styles are a natural progression from hiking boots. Originally all hiking boots, or walking boots, were made entirely of tough leather which required some painful ‘walking in.These boots were designed to walk very rough terrain and also protect the ankle. These early boots also required a lot of care with constant application of paraffin based grease to keep the leather subtle and water proofed. Gradually, with the invention of man-made materials in the latter part of the twentieth century, these walking boots were revolutionised. Not only did these materials require less constant care but the waterproofing in many cases was impregnated into the material at the point of manufacture. The next major advantage was that the boot itself was much lighter. How often now do you see what was once a common sight amongst the walking fraternity of a couple of walkers getting out of their car and changing in to walking boots? Probably never, because they already had them on when they left home. The old heavy leather boot could not be worn when driving a car and in any case the shorter the time you had to wear them the better.Modern walking, or hiking, boots are so lightweight and comfortable that they can be worn for everyday use.The walking boot became an accessory, a fashion that could be worn about town and this led to the interest of designers who saw the opportunity of making what was once a purely practical item into a piece of fashion.

Not all ladies boots owe their development to the hiking boot. The classic calf length lace up boot has been around for at least a couple of hundred years. There are French impressionist paintings of ladies wearing them.

If you haven’t looked for a while then do so now and you will be amazed at the huge variety available to you. They are available in every ladies shoes size so there is no excuse not to treat yourself to the latest in boot fashion right now.