Perfect When it Comes to Boots

If a classic pair of tall boots and high heels is not what you are looking for, you have plenty of company and many other options to choose from.

One of the growing trends in the past few years has more to do with comfort than with sexy look. This kind of boot aims more towards comfort than towards elongating the limbs, and the use of them has become the “new sexy” style. We are talking about fur boots.

A few years ago, the trend changed a bit and put the fur on the outside of the boot. It still gives the warmth and comfort, but looks stylish, chic and playful. Whether they are by Bearpaw (Kola boots), beaded faux fur pom-pom boots, Ed Hardy’s, Steve Madden’s or Dr. Scholl’s, they are all flat and comfortable and the foot part is built wide for extra room.

Suede Mocks, also called Mukluk boots, have became very popular as well. The foot part is made out of flat fur lined suede, while the leg part changes those positions and the fur comes out to the outside. They are extremely comfortable, have hardly any heel at all and come in many colors from white through browns to blacks.

On the other side of the scale, YSL came out with a fur trim boot, on high heels and fitted look. If you are a fan of “Sex and The City”, you might remember the fur trimmed suede boots Sarah Jessica Parker made famous. The rugged sole made this boot sturdy as well as fashionable, and the laces are there for decoration only since the boot zips from ankle to calf. Easy, comfortable and sexy. Oh yes, and warm as well.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about fur in women’s boots are the sheep skin boots that blew into the market from “down Under” and sprung a bevy of competition from different manufacturers. They are flat, the fur is on the inside, they are unshapely but feel like a slipper and used as such. Since it became so popular, it has become a norm in certain age groups. Those slipper boots go with everything today – jeans are tucked into them, shorts that expose the thigh skin, leggings and everything in between.

There are the classic Cardy boots with the knit upper layer and a sheepskin sock liner that can be styles up and buttoned, slouched and slightly unbuttoned or completely cuffed. Those are also flat, on a man-made sole.

The Sundance Boots – are also made of sheepskin, but are geared for real cold weather. Double layers of sheepskin, stitches and cuff that leave part of the fur exposed are the trade mark of this kind of boot. The soles are rugged with extra traction and slip resistance which make them perfect for walking in the snow.

North Face, Sorel and other big outdoor apparel companies have also joined in the party and came with their own versions of boots, not necessarily for the tough outdoors as they are fur trimmed for their look and not only their functionality. Timberland’s Winterberry tall boot has fur trims on the outside and pom-poms. Capelta’s Aurora boot is an Eskimo style winter boot covered in sheepskin with frosted tips and a decorative toe and heel design.